Do rabbits drink water?



Rabbits are like humans and other animals need food, water and air to survive. Drinking water causes rabbits to metabolize, only rabbits that concentrate on them will drink less water than other animals rather than not. During the daily process of raising rabbits, give them the necessary amount of water and change the water daily for them.

Rabbits need water, on average, rabbits need 50 ml-200 ml of water per day. The water source for the rabbit should be a clean source of water. You must pay close attention to the water source for them because if the water is not guaranteed, the rabbit will have abdominal pain, diarrhea, even swelling of the stomach and death. The water source for the rabbit is essential water, distilled water, mineral water … Do not give the rabbit to drink tap water, make sure the rabbit’s water bottle and bowl are always clean.

How to give your rabbit water is very importantRabbit

It is usually up to the rabbit’s diet to get the right amount of water for the rabbit. When your rabbits eat hay or dry food they will drink more water, so you should control the problem. There are some foods like green vegetables and fruits that contain just the right amount of water so you need to give your rabbit less water now. You need to know the rabbit’s daily food to balance the right amount of water and food. If the amount of water in the food is too much, you need to reduce the amount of water outside. Avoid having a rabbit’s digestive system and stomach upset. Normally, you should choose a water valve with a roller for the rabbit to drink, which will adjust the amount of water suitable for the rabbit.