What Do Leopard Geckos Eat?

Everything that roams around the leopard Gecko is eaten through them. The size of the insects should be in relation to the age of the reptiles. The dosage of the food should be proper, as overeating may cause health issues for the reptile. Leopard Gecko can store fat in the stomach for further energy. If the weight of the reptile is increasing, then the diet of the Gecko should be minimized. The fatty insects will be removed from the diet of the Gecko.

What Do Leopard Geckos Eat?

The expert has defined the feeding time of the animal. They can be given food twice in a day, once in the late morning and other in the early evening. The eating habits of the Gecko will vary as per their size. Here are some common habits that should be adopted through the owner of the reptile.

For overweight of Gecko

– If the weight of the Gecko is high, then removing of some insects from the diet can be done. The weight of the Gecko should be in accordance with the size. The prevention of fatty insects will be beneficial for a reduction in weight.

For a healthy weight of Gecko

– The best food for leopard gecko will be earthworms and silkworms. The worms will keep the body of the insect healthy and fit. Food should be provided them twice-thrice in a week.

For sick Geckos

– if the Gecko is sick, then nutritious food should be contained in a healthy diet. The food should be a good source of nutrition for them. The feeding should be done until the strength is regained through the Geckos.

The habit of eating food can change with time. The owner of the animal should have proper knowledge of the insects that can be served as food to Leopard gecko.

Insects that can be eaten through Leopard Geckos

What Do Leopard Geckos Eat?

The following are some insects that will not provide harm to the health of the animal. The insects can be eaten twice or thrice in a week. The list is given below –


– Cricketsare one of thepopular insects that can be beneficial for the Geckos. The purchasing of the insects will be easy and quick. It will save them time and money for the person. The eating of the cricket will be according to the age like adult Geckos can eat long crickets in comparison to young and infant geckos. The digestion of the cricket will be easy for the reptiles.


– The earthworms are found beneath the surface of the earth. The owner can find the worms for the Gecko, or they can hunt themselves. The nutritional value in the earthworms will be more than crickets. Died and dried insects should not be feed to them as they can cause harm to health.


– The silkworms will be like the eating of the earthworms for the reptiles. If the weight is getting over, then fatty silkworms can be removed from the diet. There are variations available in the silkworms to be served in food. The cost of the silkworm will be higher than earthworms. The feeding can be done in small quantities so that the overweight of the Gecko will be reduced.


– The taste of the roaches will be good and are healthy for the body of the Gecko. The breeding of the roaches is done in their community. The nutritional value of the insects will provide healthy survival in the surroundings. The infant Geckos will be fed not more than one –inch of roaches in a day.

Hence, these are the insects that will be favorable for the health of the insect. There will be no presence of toxic and harmful insects in their diet. The owner should remove died and dried insects with fruits and vegetables. The purchasing of the insects should be done under the budget of the owner.

Insects that should be avoided or removed from the diet

What Do Leopard Geckos Eat?

The following are some of the insects that can cause harm to health. It is advisable for the owner to remove the toxic insects from the diet.

Bugs to leopard Gecko

– The bugs may have lighting in them. The feeding of the insect should not contain lighting bugs as they will harm the health of the reptiles. It can be a topic of argument, and the experts are not sure about involving the bugs in the diet of Leopard Gecko. The lighting is toxic for health. Still, there is less evidence that has been found to prove the toxic level of lighting bugs.

Wild insects

– The leopard Gecko can self hunt the insects for eating. It is known as wild hunting for feeding. The wild insects are injurious for health. Vitamins and Minerals in the insects can cause damage to the digestive system of the reptiles. There can be a presence of the pesticides and parasites in the wild insects. There should be a detection of the pests in the diet through the owner.

So, these insects will be dangerous for the health of Leopard Gecko. The best food for leopard gecko will be full of Vitamins and Minerals. The earthworms and other worms should be eaten in small quantities for avoiding overeating of the insects.

What can lead to overeating to the Leopard gecko?

What Do Leopard Geckos Eat?

Some geckos continue to eat even when their stomachs will be full. The overeating will be harmful to the health as it will indicate overweight in them. From the overeating, the belly of the reptiles will become abundant and disturbing the digestive system of the Geckos. There should be an avoidance of storing fat in the stomach for reducing the weight. The tail of the Gecko will become longer and ugly.

Therefore, proper consideration should be paid to the eating habits of the Gecko. There should be prevented from the fatty insects and wild hunting of the insects. If a person suspects overweight, then proper precautions can be taken at that time for reducing the weight of the Leopard Geckos.